Each ship, offshore installation, mining installation and diving operation is required by state law, international law or national law to have medicine and medical equipment on board according to predetermined standards.

Different regulations

For mechant ships there are three different regulations. The International regulation,  the European regulation, and state specific regulations. The flag state in which a vessel is registered, determines which regulation is applicable for that ship. Some flag states, like the Bahama regulation allow the vessel to choose between two regulations. Some states have their own regulation and do not allow the use of other regulations, like the Russian regulation.

Dangerous goods

Ships carrying dangerous goods also need to be compliant with the IMDG standard. Note that some state regulations, like the Dutch regulation, deviate from the IMDG/MFAG regulation and require a slightly different range of medical supplies.

Offshore Diving

Offshore diving operations need to be compliant with the DMAC regulation.

Offhore instalations

Offshore installations and stand-by vessels need to be compliant with the Dutch NOGEPA regulation or the English Oil&Gas Ukindustry installation.