Ebola Kit

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This Ebola Personal Protection Set is developed following the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines WHO/EVD/GuidancePPE/14.1 and WHO/HIS/SDS/2014.4.

The Ebola virus disease is a severe illness caused by Ebola Filovirus. It is spread through direct contact with body fluids of an infected person and by contact with contaminated surfaces or equipments, including linen soiled by body fluids from an infected person.

The spread of the virus can be reduced or stopped while carfully following the guidelines provided by the WHO. People who are or might be in contact with Ebola should take precautions with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Seafarma offers PPE through their Personal Protection Set. This set has been expertly compiled based upon knowledge, experience and requirements of the market . The following products are included in the Set:

  • Ethanol Hand Gel 1 Piece 100ML