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(Re) Certification

With our extensive knowledge on marine and offshore regulations, we are able to check and certify any medical outfitting.  This includes the poison treatment chest, lifeboats and first aid kits. We can do this electronically or by going on board. You can send us your inventory list with expiry dates and we take care of the rest.

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Worldwide delivery

Through our delivery network we are able to deliver our medicine and medical supplies  to any national and international location including all major ports. We hold extensive knowledge and experience regarding foreign laws and customs necessary to successfully deliver pharmaceutical supplies around the world. (This excludes dangerous goods and cylinders filled with medical oxygen)

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IMDG Poison treatment chest

Ships, such as oil tankers, which carry dangerous goods, require supplementary medicines and medical supplies for the vessel’s poison treatment chest. Seafarma can deliver all these medicines and medical supplies for certification of the supplementary poison treatment chest according to the latest IMDG standards.

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Inventory management

We can manage your medical stock on board and provide you with a year-end inventory report. This allows both you and Seafarma to discern the coming year’s needed replenishment and it enables Seafarma to automatically issue notifications when certificates and thus stock on board will expire. Seafarma can subsequently reduce the amount of deliveries needed for replenishment which works cost effective.

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Medical supplies

We can supply all required medicines and medical accessories  according to various regulations.  We also supply Surgical Supplies, First Aid Kits, Water Disinfectants, Stretchers  and Medical Disposables.

Please inform us under which flag the ship is registered and we can attend to your needs accordingly.

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Foreign preparation

If you have a foreign preparation, which cannot be obtained in the Netherlands neither in the country of destination, we can suggest and offer comparable products as suitable substitutes.

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Courier services